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I'm a gal with somewhat divergent interests -- the main ones being SF/Fantasy and historical reeneactment (fave time periods/places: 10th-11th c. Anglo-Saxon England and 16th c. Germany). I write (fanfiction, regular fiction, and some nonfiction; currently all amateur), cook, spin, sew, attend science fiction conventions and RenFaires, swing swords, shoot bows (handbows and crossbows both), and do random other arts-y craft-y things as the mood takes me.

As the sticky note at the top of my journal indicates, I've got my journal split into "general,""fannish," and "historical" sections, the first open to all, and the others as filtered f-lists. That's not due to a desire to seem exclusive or unfriendly, but to make sure people don't have to wade through all kinds of junk they don't want to see in order to get to the things they do (I'm well aware not everyone's tastes are as eclectic as mine). Just let me know, and I'll put you on the appropriate friends list for what interests you. :)

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